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Homestyle Lemonade by GCEjuice

Vendor Description: This is just like the lemonade your Grandma made on those hot summer afternoons! Can you remember how the sweet, lemony goodness used to quench any thirst, after spending hours out in the sunshine? Just to make it a little different, we have added a hint of lime to give it a sharpness […]

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Mandarin Melody by Evaperated

Vendor Description: Mandarin Melody is a very refreshing and tangy vape. It is not very sweet, and slightly sour. It definitely is it’s own flavor, but if there was a prominent note to mention, it would definitely be a mandarin orange. Review: Strength: 6mg PG/VG: 70/30 Smell: All citrus, but not sour pucker-your-cheeks citrus. Crisp, fresh and […]