Mean Frean by SZVapor

Mean FreanVendor Description: A sweet butter cookie with a light vanilla cream and raspberry jam filling.

fanboy says: Gadzooks! Where does the time go? In the short-but-far-too-long timeframe since my last review SZVapor has released not 1 but 3 new flavours! This is the oldest of the three.

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 30/70

Smell: Based on the name and the description I know exactly what I’m envisioning here, which is a little Fruit Crème goodness. The initial smell is promising! All the expected elements are immediately detectable in a sweet harmony of scents. The cookie comes across as more of a sugar cookie than a butter cookie, but in this case the distinction is academic. It’s sweet, it’s cookie and it smells the part. Underneath this is a raspberry that manages to convey the all important jam element. It’s not syrup, fruit or just the flavour but rather has that pectin jam smell to it that conjures images of the chewy raspberry centre. Rounding out the trio is a mild vanilla that again has captured the essence required, being that of a cookie crème filling. The overall resemblance to the real thing is impressive.

Taste: Mmm, this is pretty tasty, and really smooth. It’s smooth and unassuming on both inhale and exhale too. During the draw there’s no tingle on my tongue, so this is not going to be too sweet, and no tickle in the back of my throat, which there shouldn’t be as there’s no spice element. Once I’m finished inhaling and let the vapor start to roll around in my mouth the first thing I notice is the raspberry. As expected, it’s not too sweet, but it has a dense, concentrated taste to it. So, per the smell, not raspberry fruit or just flavouring but raspberry jam. I find the cookie element has a similar taste profile to Lunar Dust, which is not quite what I was expecting but matches with the sugar cookie I was smelling. In the case of taste, I think the distinction between sugar and butter cookie is noticeable and in my opinion something a little more buttery would have been more in line with my expectations. It’s still a very tasty cookie but slightly off point. Per the smell, the vanilla cream works underneath everything else to smoothen things out and help balance the raspberry element. At the end of the exhale I find I get a little vanilla cream on its own, while the aftertaste is slightly tart raspberry jam. In a dripper I find I get more of the Lunar Dust cookie notes. The raspberry becomes stronger and sweeter while still maintaining a jam profile. The strength and taste of the vanilla remains about the same.

Conclusion: Mmm, this is pretty tasty, and really smooth. A great overall reproduction in e-juice form, this is definitely worth giving a try for the cookie lovers amongst you.

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* I was provided with this juice for review purposes.

Mean Frean by SZVapor




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  • Flavour matches description
  • No steeping required
  • Very smooth vape


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