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Homestyle Lemonade by GCEjuice

Homestyle Lemonade by GCEjuice

Vendor Description: This is just like the lemonade your Grandma made on those hot summer afternoons! Can you remember how the sweet, lemony goodness used to quench any thirst, after spending hours out in the sunshine? Just to make it a little different, we have added a hint of lime ...
Mean Frean

Mean Frean by SZVapor

Vendor Description: A sweet butter cookie with a light vanilla cream and raspberry jam filling. fanboy says: Gadzooks! Where does the time go? In the short-but-far-too-long timeframe since my last review SZVapor has released not 1 but 3 new flavours! This is the oldest of the three. Review: Strength: 6mg ...
Morning Brew by GCEjuice

Morning Brew by GCEjuice

Vendor Description: Ah, there is nothing like that first coffee in the morning. And it had better be good or else the world will have to deal with your grumpy side!  Wake up to Morning Brew, a delectable combination of espresso coffee with the creamy fullness of vanilla and just ...

321GO! by Vape Stash

Vendor Description: Do you have a sweet tooth? Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you buy your Pixy Stix in Giant size? Then Get Ready, Set, 321GO! Approved by Willy Wonka and frowned upon by Wilford Brimley*, this decadent sweet and creamy e-liquid is a velvety smooth blend of creams ...
The Junction by Moshi

The Junction by Moshi

Vendor Description: A twisted custard that's a little bit sweet and little bit spicy.  Its freaking awesome. Something that Moshi makes note of on their site, and is definitely worth knowing is that: "All Moshi E-Liquids are steeped for the appropriate amount of time, in some cases weeks, to ensure ...
Flan Plan

Flan Plan by SZVapor

Vendor Description: Tropical flan cake topped with pineapple, mango, and kiwi. Whipped cream rests atop. Review: Strength: 6mg PG/VG: 30/70 Smell: This smells divine! Detected upfront is a rich, sweet mango that makes me think of an Ataulfo or Filipino. Behind the mango is a sweet pineapple that is more ...