Bubblemint Purple by Juice By Kubrick

Bubblemint PurpleVendor Description: Everything you love about Bubblemint, but purple! Yes, it’s grape. No, it’s not really purple.

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 50/50

Smell: Uncannily very much exactly what I was expecting from the name and the description. Now, I haven’t had bubble gum of any sort in years, and Hubba Bubba in particular since my childhood. The bubble gum note in Bubblemint Purple makes me immediately think of pink Hubba Bubba blocks. Oddly, not grape bubble gum, but the original pink stuff. Plus grape. The grape is there, it definitely has that purple candy sense about it, but it doesn’t come across directly as grape bubble gum. Hence, pink Hubba Bubba plus grape. Rounding things out and cooling things down is the mint component. More spearmint than peppermint I want to say, though I sometimes have difficulty discerning between the two when it is a sub-flavour. It feels present enough that I know it’s there, without being too strong that it’s going to dominate the other flavours. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping is the case.

Taste: As expected, during the inhale I get a mild tingle/burn across my tongue and into the back of throat from the mint. Pleasantly, once I’m done inhaling, it is not mint that I initially taste but grape. The grape still doesn’t taste entirely like grape bubble gum, but definitely still grape candy. Similar to Grape Crush in taste if I had to try and pinpoint anything specific. The bubble gum taste itself is also present, although less original pink Hubba Bubba than the smell and more just generic bubble gum. The mint is rather mild. I can taste that it is included, it does cool down the exhale, but it takes a backseat. The aftertaste that remains is a mix of the grape and the mint, along with a lingering mild burn on my tongue from the mint.

Conclusion: I’m not a big fan of minty flavours typically, as I find the mint can often be far too strong and overpowering, and all I end up is feeling like I’m trying to taste a couple of Skittles over an Altoid. Kubrick has managed to find that fine balance whereby I get everything; the primary flavours mingled and cooled with a little mint freshness. That alone makes it a great offering in my opinion. Add to that though that the actual intended grape bubblegum is well reproduced, and this delivers as advertised. I can also confirm that it is not really purple. 😉

Bubblemint Purple by Juice By Kubrick




Flavour Strength



  • Flavour matches description
  • No steeping required
  • Mint is balanced


  • Potential tank cracker

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