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The Junction by Moshi

Vendor Description: A twisted custard that’s a little bit sweet and little bit spicy.  Its freaking awesome. Something that Moshi makes note of on their site, and is definitely worth knowing is that: “All Moshi E-Liquids are steeped for the appropriate amount of time, in some cases weeks, to ensure that they achieve maximum flavour […]

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High Park by Moshi

Vendor Description: Strawberry and banana with a hint of creaminess. BANANA!! I’m using my little preface area here to get this out of my system, in the hopes that my review will be free from the above outburst every time I write banana. BANANA!! Ever since the Despicable Me movies and the uber awesome Minions, […]

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St. Clair by Moshi

Vendor Description: A classic cola flavoured gummy candy to help you relive your childhood. Next up from Moshi is a throwback to your childhood. I’ve always had a bit of a sweet tooth, and I’ve eaten probably more than my fair share of cola gummies in my day. Review: Strength: 6mg PG/VG: 50/50 Smell: The […]

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Yorkville by Moshi

Vendor Description: A wonderful mix of vanilla, almond, butter and cinnamon. It’s got a certain snickerdoodle thing going on. Before I post another Moshi review, I feel I need to mention their bottles. I dig their bottles. They appeal to the orderly minimalist in me. They’re glass, jet black, the labelling is embossed in gold […]

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Ossington by Moshi

Vendor Description: Belgian waffles…yes please! Review: Strength: 6mg PG/VG: 50/50 Smell: Very sweet and syrupy, the first thing I think of is maple syrup, but something like a WWE version; over the top and in your face. It definitely smells far sweeter than Aunt Jemima’s, which is the only other syrup I am familiar with. […]