High Park by Moshi

High Park by MoshiVendor Description: Strawberry and banana with a hint of creaminess.

BANANA!! I’m using my little preface area here to get this out of my system, in the hopes that my review will be free from the above outburst every time I write banana. BANANA!! Ever since the Despicable Me movies and the uber awesome Minions, I can’t really read or say banana without thinking or saying it Minion style. BANANA!! Ok, phew.

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 50/50

Smell: I have to start with the very first smell and impression I got of this juice, which is BANANA!! Ahem. Possibly very ripe banana but to me an immediate recollection of those yellow marshmallow banana shaped candy that I ate as a kid. Quite pungent, the bubble wrap bag the bottle came in and the outside of the lid smell quite strongly of this before I even open the bottle. However, upon opening the bottle, the profile of the banana alters. The strength of the smell tones down considerably, and the type of banana moves from squishy marshmallow banana to more realistic albeit still ripe banana. Regardless of the type of banana, it is all I smell at this point, either from the bottle or the pipette. Nothing I can discern as strawberry or any sort of creamy dairy element. It’s not until I dab a droplet onto my finger, smear it about and let my body heat warm it up that I can detect anything other than banana. Even using this method, it’s very faint compared to the banana, but I do pick up some rather sweet undertones. Per the banana it smells quite artificial, or very ripe. While it doesn’t leap out as distinctly strawberry, it does come across as red berry. Still nothing creamy.

Taste: Rather unsurprisingly given everything the smell indicated – BANANA!! Also per the smell it’s either bright yellow marshmallow banana candy or very ripe banana. The kind I wouldn’t eat from the peel but would put in a smoothie, or spread on toast. It is a very sweet vape, the tingle across my tongue on inhale is indicative of this, as is the sweet aftertaste that lingers. It is also a rather smooth vape. Added creaminess can help smoothen and mellow sweet vapes, so while I don’t necessarily taste anything I distinguish as creamy, I can see it being included due to the effect it has had. The sweetness of the aftertaste does have more of a berry taste to it, but it’s the only time I detect it. Inhale and exhale are predominantly banana. Move to a dripper and more strawberry finally makes an appearance. Still much less compared to the banana present, but enough that I was able to notice it without having to really search for it. Still a very smooth vape too.

Conclusion: Upon reading the description what I envisioned was something akin to a strawberry banana smoothie, or less so perhaps fresh fruit with your creamy dairy topping of choice. While I realise that banana is quite a dominant flavour when included in anything, including an actual drinkable smoothie, I would have liked more of a balance between the two main ingredients. Unfortunately, the balance is too banana heavy no matter how I vape it.

* I was provided with this juice for review purposes.

High Park by Moshi




Flavour Strength



  • Glass Bottle
  • Smooth Vape


  • Imbalanced Flavours
  • Filling via pipette

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