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321GO!Vendor Description: Do you have a sweet tooth? Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you buy your Pixy Stix in Giant size? Then Get Ready, Set, 321GO! Approved by Willy Wonka and frowned upon by Wilford Brimley*, this decadent sweet and creamy e-liquid is a velvety smooth blend of creams and sugar that is sure to delight. *Does not actually cause Diabeetus.

The astute reader may notice that the following review lacks some of the detail of some of my other reviews. While this may be the case, I still feel the review conveys the necessary particulars to get my point across, and I had too much fun writing it initially to want to modify it before posting it on Eat Sleep Vape Repeat.

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 25/75

Smell: Sweet! And Creamy! Mission accomplished.

Taste: Cray cray sweet! On the inhale all I get is sugar, including whatever the sensation is should you gob a spoonful of the stuff, or snort a pixie stick. This is definitely refined white sugar too. No brown, or raw or Splenda here! Once I’m done with the draw, the cream goes to work. It smoothens out the sweetness, transforming the exhale into a sweet, creamy, velvety experience.

Conclusion: If it was possible to get Diabeetus from a juice, this would be that juice. The best comparison that comes to mind is if you melted a cup of white sugar, stirred in some heavy cream and then drank it. That, or a decadently sweet coffee creamer. I feel like I need to go run around in circles for a while, then come back and finish off the tank. Ready? 321GO!

* I was provided with this juice for review purposes
* I wrote the product description for Vape Stash

321GO! by Vape Stash




Flavour Strength



  • Flavour matches description
  • Does not cause Diabeetus


  • Nothing to see here

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