Homestyle Lemonade by GCEjuice

Homestyle Lemonade by GCEjuiceVendor Description: This is just like the lemonade your Grandma made on those hot summer afternoons! Can you remember how the sweet, lemony goodness used to quench any thirst, after spending hours out in the sunshine? Just to make it a little different, we have added a hint of lime to give it a sharpness that leaves you feeling extra refreshed.

fanboy says: What better way to herald the official arrival of Summer than to review something tasty and refreshing like a lemonade?

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 40/60

Smell: From the glass bottle it smells a little like powdered lemon-lime sports drink mix, which I may or may not have eaten Fun Dip style during my formative years. Definitely citrus without coming across as acidic or sharp, I get more sweet lemon atop a little earthy lime. Now, it’s not really Meyer lemon sweet. It feels more lemon and sugar. Interestingly, dabbing a droplet on my finger doesn’t really alter things much. I get perhaps a little lemon-lime freezie in the mix, but for the most part it’s still just refreshing citrus goodness. What I smell from the open tank once it is filled does nothing to alter the above, so that means it’s time to vape!

Taste: Woo! While the smell may have been relatively mild and unassuming, the taste and vape is another story. Even on a 1.8 ohm coil in a Mini Protank II at 9 watts this crackled and popped a little from the first button push. As soon as I started the inhale I could feel my tongue tingling, and I didn’t finish the first pull before the tickle in the back of my throat had me coughing and out it all went. I dialled down to 8 watts and tried again, this time being more wary and gentler on my inhale. This time I was able to finish the draw, hold it and exhale normally. The throat hit is still pretty sharp and there’s a bite that remains on my tongue afterwards. In a dripper, the throat hit is amplified, as expected. Again, if I was careful I could finish a vape without coughing, but if I really went at it it became overwhelming and I’d end up coughing. I could negate this effect by finishing my pull early and ending my inhale by drawing in air at the end. Interestingly, I actually found the tingle on my tongue diminished, but I attribute that to the dripper being more of a lung pull whereas with the tank I find myself doing a mouth inhale. The taste itself in both tank and dripper aligns very much with the smell. Lemon-lime sports drink, a little sweet lemonade and a little lemon-lime freezie. It’s quite tasty and refreshing, but the citrus definitely makes its presence felt.

Conclusion: Definitely delivers in the lemonade department, this is a refreshing, cleansing citrus vape. For me, I find the throat hit too harsh in general, but if I adjust my wattage down and be careful with my inhale I can make it work. If I keep that in mind, I find I can enjoy Homestyle Lemonade as a very light, clean citrus vape.

* I was provided with this juice for review purposes

Homestyle Lemonade by GCEjuice




Flavour Strength



  • Refreshing
  • Glass Bottle
  • No Steeping Required


  • Very tingly vape
  • Strong throat hit
  • Filling via pipette

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