Ossington by Moshi

Ossington_largeVendor Description: Belgian waffles…yes please!


Smell: Very sweet and syrupy, the first thing I think of is maple syrup, but something like a WWE version; over the top and in your face. It definitely smells far sweeter than Aunt Jemima’s, which is the only other syrup I am familiar with. If I work past the sugar high there are some baked doughy waffle like notes that present, but they are overwhelmed by the sweet sugary syrupy smell. I even let this steep for a couple of weeks, but if anything I think that only served to amplify the sweetness as opposed to bringing out more of the waffle.

Taste: Very much like the smell, which translates to very sweet, and even more so in a dripper. The sweetness is nearly cloying. Oddly, occasionally the sweetness will really dial down and this is when I do taste the waffle. It tastes great and is reminiscent of the light fluffy goodness that I imagine when thinking of waffles. Also, the syrup tastes great. It’s not honey or sugar, it is syrup. Most of the times there’s just too much of it.

Conclusion: Unfortunately this ends up being far more syrup than waffle, which is a shame because I feel the potential is there. With some rebalancing to bring the waffle to the forefront and dial down the syrup, I think this could work very well. In the current ratio though it’s just not as advertised, which is supposed to be waffles.

Ossington by Moshi







  • Glass Bottle
  • No steeping required


  • Flavour doesn't match description
  • Too sweet

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