About: Eat Sleep Vape Repeat

I initially started writing reviews because

  1. I enjoy writing in general; I am a wordy so-and-so and like to flex my vocabulary
  2. I wanted to express the happiness I felt upon discovering my first properly crafted juices

I began to receive compliments and general positive feedback on my reviews, to the point where I have been recruited as a pre-release tester for a couple of mixologists, a fact I am quite proud of!

I’ve continued to write reviews that I have posted on vendors sites and forums, and thought it was time they had a central home. Thus Eat Sleep Vape Repeat was born.

The opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. Taste, flavour and preference are purely subjective and can differ from person to person. Let’s face it, many of us spent years destroying our sense of taste and smell with cigarettes. That has to factor into the equation. The bottom line being that you may have an entirely different experience to a particular juice than I. That said, I sincerely hope that Eat Sleep Vape Repeat is able to provide a more detailed insight into what you may expect from a reviewed juice and help you decide if you would like to try it for yourself.

About: The Review Process

Generally I will try and review a juice as soon as possible after I receive it. The idea here being that it should be a close representation of what you, the reader, would experience if you buy some yourself. The exception is when a particular juice comes with a recommended minimum steep time in order to allow the juice to properly mature. Should this be the case I will indicate as much.

I use the same setup for all my reviews to ensure an even playing field, so the only differing factor is the juice itself. I will also typically only review 1 – 3 juices in a day so I don’t suffer from vapers tongue or flavour overload. On review days I even avoid spicy or otherwise strongly flavoured food and drink so as not to affect my palate.

The current test setup I use is a Kanger Mini Protank II with rebuilt coils in the 1.6 – 1.8 ohm range with organic cotton wicks. I’ve found a mouth inhale gives me a better representation of the flavours at work, combined with very fast and easy to rebuild and rewick coils to ensure there is no cross contamination between juices. Additionally, the glass and stainless steel tank components allow for thorough cleaning to remove any residual lingering flavours. I’ll fire this off between 8 – 10 watts, depending on the PG/VG ratio of the juice. Finally, I’ll drip a little on a 1.2ohm single coil wicked with organic cotton, in a drilled out Igo-W, just to see if anything tastes vastly different.

About: Affiliate/Referral Links

Where possible, the Buy Now link at the end of a review will be a direct link to the product as available directly from the manufacturer of the e-liquid. If they have an affiliate/referral program that enables direct linking, the Buy Now link will instead be my affiliate/referral link. Where this is not possible, a second button containing my affiliate/referral link will be shown, and identified as such. If the manufacture does not have an affiliate/referral program, but a third party vendor who sells their juice does, the second button will link to this third party vendor.

Obviously, I would greatly appreciate you using the affiliate/referral button wherever possible. While I write my reviews because I enjoy doing so, if I can also get a little something in return as a result I’d be foolish not to take that opportunity. That said, I also wish to support and promote the manufacturers, which is why I will always provide you, the reader, with the choice as to how you would like to be directed to make your purchase.

Affiliate/referral programs are just that and nothing more. I will not post favourable reviews in the hope of boosting sales traffic, nor will I post a favourable review in exchange for juice submissions. The reviews I post are my honest, personal and unbiased opinion of the sampled juice. I value my integrity over that of a potential kickback.

About: fanboy (that’s me!)

I started smoking in highschool, because that’s what all the cool kids did back then. While I wasn’t one of the cool kids, I did want to fit in and being able to hang out and smoke made sense to my juvenile logic. From thereon I was a smoker and continued to varying degrees virtually continuously into my adult life. I had finally reached a point where I was ready to quit, but couldn’t quite kick the habit. I had been intrigued by electronic cigarettes but was only aware of the overpriced and, to me, unappealing cigalike offerings found in mall kiosks and tobacconists. It was purely by chance that I got my hands on my first eGo kit through a friend of a friend. I am proud to say that that glorious moment in the October of 2012 heralded the last cigarette I have smoked.

Since then I have fully embraced vaping, gradually expanding and upgrading my gear to include a selection of mechs and VV/VW mods, drippers and RDA/RTAs.

About: The Future

Currently, ESVR is going to consist of textual reviews of predominantly Canadian made e-liquids. Eventually though I hope to expand to include

  1. Video reviews of e-liquid
  2. Textual/Video reviews of hardware
  3. General electronic cigarette information
  4. How-To guides and tutorials

One step at a time though.