Morning Brew by GCEjuice

Morning Brew by GCEjuiceVendor Description: Ah, there is nothing like that first coffee in the morning. And it had better be good or else the world will have to deal with your grumpy side!  Wake up to Morning Brew, a delectable combination of espresso coffee with the creamy fullness of vanilla and just a hint of chocolate and cinnamon to give it that special kick that we all need in the morning.

fanboy says: The fine folks over at The Great Canadian E-Juice Company, based out of Kawartha Lakes in Ontario, reached out to me and ever so politely inquired if I’d be willing to review some of their juice line-up. I was (and always am) more than happy to oblige review requests. I think we’re blessed with some really solid juice crafters in Canada and relish the opportunity to sample new vendors. If you’re a vendor who would like to commission a review, head over to the Contact page and get in touch. Now without further ado, let’s get to the review!

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 40/60

Smell: GCEjuice juice comes packaged in clear glass bottles, complete with a pipette, so I was prepared to have to work for the smell a little as I’ve found glass bottles can mute scents. However, upon popping the top the coffee component was immediately apparent, as was some vanilla and a touch of creaminess. The coffee takes the forefront without coming across as strong or bitter, but still with enough presence to give it a kind of medium roast feel to it. Behind the coffee initially is the aforementioned creamy vanilla. Per the coffee, neither component is really strong. Enough of a presence to pick them out, but balanced so nothing dominates. The vanilla isn’t overly sweet. The whole combination actually made me think of the Maxwell House Café flavoured instant coffee mixes that you can buy that come in the little rectangular tins. Or perhaps a flavoured latte style single serve coffee pod ala Nespresso/Keurig/Tassimo. I’m a fan of both styles so things are smelling pretty good so far. If I dab a little and really dig underneath the immediate smells I get a note reminiscent of cocoa, and occasionally just a mild hint of cinnamon.

Taste: The taste manages to pull together a pretty good representation of what I was smelling. Not much happens across my tongue during inhale, confirming my initial assessment that both the sweetness of the vanilla and the overall cinnamon content are fairly light. The whole draw is an overall smooth affair. The main attraction, the coffee, is slightly more bitter than indicated by the smell. As it is supposed to be an espresso, this fits. It still avoids being too sharp or strong. To rebalance this, the vanilla is a little more muted than the smell. I can still pick it out, but I have to look for it. The chocolate and cinnamon aren’t really individually discernable, but blend with the vanilla to smoothen the coffee. I get a sense of a little coffee whitener vs creamer. All in all, I think my initial thoughts towards instant coffee mix is a good approximation, albeit with a stronger, better coffee presence than you find in an instant mix. Coffee and a little of the cocoa are what I find linger the most as an aftertaste. In a dripper the coffee becomes a little more of a darker espresso and the vanilla makes more of an appearance, but other than that the experience and overall balance remains the same.

Conclusion: I’m very much a fully paid member of the grumpy-unless-I-have-my-morning-coffee camp. If Morning Brew were able to actually deliver caffeine along with the nicotine, it could well fit the bill on both fronts as a single morning go-to. Quite tasty, I polished off my review tank easily. This was quite enjoyable!

* I was provided with this juice for review purposes

Morning Brew by GCEjuice




Flavour Strength



  • Flavour matches description
  • No steeping required
  • Glass Bottle
  • Well Balanced


  • Does not contain caffeine
  • Filling via pipette

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