Blerrberry Tea by Vape Stash

blerrberry_tea_02Vendor Description: Unleash your inner British Hipster with this harmonious blend of traditional Earl Grey tea steeped with blueberries and then stirred with a little cream. While not necessary, you are encouraged to vape this with your pinkie up. Jolly good!

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 25/75

Smell: An oddly appealing combination of scents that differs depending how you catch it. Brief and fleeting, it is sweet blueberry with nearly a Chai like spice behind it (though a good loose leaf Earl Grey can have this same zing). If I dive in instead I find the Earl Grey really shines through. Rich black tea with a little zest, chased after the fact by subtle blueberry. There’s also a faint hint of cream.

Taste: Smooth and creamy, in fact creamier than I was expecting. This works exceptionally well for the overall vape though as it mellows the remaining flavours such that no single ingredient dominates. Instead I get an even blend of blueberry; not too sweet, and Earl Grey tea; not too sharp with no real zing to note. The creaminess compliments the sweetness of the blueberry without muting the flavour. The inhale is nearly entirely blueberry, with the Earl Grey making its appearance at the very end, while the exhale is a rolling blend of everything. Towards the very end of the exhale it gets a bit creamier. I notice a slight black tea tannin taste lingers afterwards.

Conclusion: Distractingly delightful! This actually required 2 test tanks to review as I had all but finished the first tank before realising I hadn’t actually put any of my thoughts to paper. Really easy to chain vape. In fact, really difficult not to!

* I was provided this juice for review purposes.
*I wrote the product description for The Stash

Blerrberry Tea by Vape Stash




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