Cobblestone Cream by SZVapor

CobbleStoneCreamVendor Description: Decadent strawberry cheesecake, served alongside a tiny dab of vanilla ice cream.

Strength: 6mg

(*This smells so good I nearly bypassed my entire review process just so I could put it in my favourite dripper and vape it straight away. With much restraint on my part though, to the Smell first we go.)

Smell: So much creamy vanilla goodness at work here. To my delight I can even discern between the slightly tart and sour cheesecake and the rich ice-cream. The strawberry is sweet, though admittedly not as strong as I was expecting it to be. I should mention that it is not a fresh strawberry scent, but more akin to a strawberry compote, or even strawberry ice-cream given the already present ice-cream component. A great strawberry smell though no matter how you look at it. Rounding out things is a sweet graham cracker, and what I want to say is coconut, but that could very well be just other scents intermingling.

Taste: This tastes every bit as good as it smells! It is very sweet on the initial draw. Even before I can really taste anything I get that sensation associated with taking in a mouthful of something sugary. What an amalgam of flavours that appears once I’ve finished inhaling! The strawberry is more prominent now; sweet and delicious. This is complimented by the creams; ice-cream first followed by cheesecake. The ice-cream is rich and creamy, not too heavy on the vanilla and brilliant in its implementation. The cheesecake is light and compliments the creaminess of the ice-cream perfectly. The ratio of graham cracker present is balanced so you can just taste it without it dominating any of the other flavours. Like the smell, I still feel coconut makes an appearance. I envision sweet coconut shavings sprinkled atop everything, which to me would be the perfect accompaniment. So, whether it is actually included or just a by-product of the other flavours mixing, it adds to the overall experience. There is a nice little throat hit to finish everything off, which I often find with sweet e-liquids.

Conclusion: A stellar offering from every angle. This is an immediate favourite and quite possibly the best juice produced by SZVapor to date. Further to that it is one of the best e-liquids I’ve tried thus far, which is now somewhere in the order of 70+. There’s not much I can add, or feel I need to add, beyond that.

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* I was provided with this juice for review purposes.

Cobblestone Cream by SZVapor




Flavour Strength



  • Flavour matches description
  • No steeping required


  • Coconut can come on heavy occasionally

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