Flan Plan by SZVapor

Flan PlanVendor Description: Tropical flan cake topped with pineapple, mango, and kiwi. Whipped cream rests atop.

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 30/70

Smell: This smells divine! Detected upfront is a rich, sweet mango that makes me think of an Ataulfo or Filipino. Behind the mango is a sweet pineapple that is more candy than ripe fruit. I also get a little freshness that I surmise is the included kiwi, but I can’t really pick it out as such. Underneath all of this is a delightful light creamy caramel note.

Taste: Quite sweet, and ever so tasty. I get a tingling sensation on my tongue during inhale, indicative of a very sweet vape. The initial taste definitely reflects this: a very sweet, fruity, tropical tone. The mango still takes precedence, the taste makes me immediately think of good quality dried strips of Filipino mango, which I can eat by the bagful. My tongue continues to tingle, much like it does when eating pineapple, which is a pretty neat sensation and association! Unlike the smell, the pineapple taste is more akin to a fresh ripe pineapple vs the candy smell. I find pineapple can quite often overpower other flavours but not so here. It’s definitely present, but it doesn’t dominate. The aftertaste is a blend of kiwi, very light creamy caramel and a little dairy. The experience or order of events doesn’t really change in a dripper.

Conclusion: Another great fruit offering from SZVapor! This vape has an interesting evolution whereby the initial inhale tips the very sweet end of the scale, but by the time I finish exhaling, the caramel and whipped cream has served to mellow and smoothen things out. That said, it does leave a lingering tingle on my tongue.

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* I was provided with this juice for review purposes.

Flan Plan by SZVapor




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