The Junction by Moshi

The Junction by MoshiVendor Description: A twisted custard that’s a little bit sweet and little bit spicy.  Its freaking awesome.

Something that Moshi makes note of on their site, and is definitely worth knowing is that:

“All Moshi E-Liquids are steeped for the appropriate amount of time, in some cases weeks, to ensure that they achieve maximum flavour before you purchase them.”

With some juices this isn’t such a concern as they’re quite often good to vape immediately. However, custards generally fall into the better-after-a-steep category, so being pre-steeped means you don’t have to endure the wait after you receive your juice.

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 50/50

Smell: Things are off to a good start! I’m learning that glass bottles can often mask or inhibit some of the smell, but already what I’m smelling is good. Smooth and creamy there is a little dairy and some light, sweet vanilla. Also perhaps a very mild buttery or almond note. Moving on to a small dab on my fingers and I get a bit of an increase in the sweetness factor in addition to the makings of some spice. Barely discernable but I’m leaning towards nutmeg or cinnamon and what I imagine is this being sprinkled atop the custard.

Taste: On the draw, my senses tell me to prepare for some sweetness, which is the only sensation I get. Once I’m done with the inhale I do get some sweet vanilla as the first taste I can distinguish, but it’s not as sweet as I was expecting from the amount of tingling I got during inhale. I think in this case it was likely a combination of the sweet and the spice at work. Underneath the sweetness is what I consider a fairly typical custard, kind of a light creamy dairy. Mixed with this though I do detect a little of the buttery / almond something that I smelled. It seems similar to something present in Yorkville. There is a spice element present, but I’ll be honest and say I can’t really pick out what it is. If it is nutmeg it is very mild, but nutmeg has a rather distinct taste, and I think regardless of how mild I would be able to pick it as such. So, I’m leaning more towards cinnamon which would complement and blend with the other flavours at play here. Again, I can’t say with any certainty, other than there is a spice in the mix that adds a bit of depth to the overall taste. In a dripper I find I actually get more of the custard, not the vanilla, which is a pleasant surprise. I prefer this taste over that of the tank.

Conclusion: A solid custard that strays just enough from the traditional plain custard offerings to distinguish itself, but doesn’t go so far as to be a custard plus something (eg. A fruit, other specific flavour or custard served with something). While a little on the sweet side it’s certainly nothing overbearing, but I would have preferred a little more creamy dairy custard at the forefront. That said, it is tasty and enjoyable, and definitely custard.

* I was provided with this juice for review purposes.

The Junction by Moshi




Flavour Strength



  • Flavour matches description
  • Glass Bottle
  • No Steeping Required


  • Filling via pipette

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