Pharaoh by SZVapor

PharaohVendor Description: Chocolate truffle made with Italian milk chocolate, a touch of dark chocolate, topped with hazelnut.

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 30/70

Previous experience has taught me that where chocolate is concerned, e-liquid can be fickle. The difference between smell and taste can vary considerably, and steeping always seems to help. This bottle has about 2 weeks under its belt, which I’m hoping will be enough time to get a good representation of the juice.

Smell: Definitely chocolate, the smell forms an image of something ever so slightly darker than milk chocolate that has still managed to retain some semblance of smooth creaminess. That said, there is also a faint bitterness about the initial scent that could be the chocolate and/or the spices mentioned in the description. There is a woody nutty note that presents after the initial chocolate. Smells sweet overall, which could be the chocolate, vanilla or both. I can’t identify vanilla on its own, but given the far more aromatic chocolate component I wasn’t really expecting to be able to.

Taste: I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised here, given prior poor experiences with chocolate flavours. The bitterness that can so often overpower everything is has been tamed quite well. The minimal bitterness that is present is sufficient to communicate the chocolate presence without making vaping it unpleasant. Much like the smell, the initial sensation and taste is that of a slightly dark semi-sweet chocolate. Nut flavourings can also be finicky to work with, yet again here the balance is on point – just enough that you can taste the hazelnut, not so much that all you can taste is hazelnut. I still can’t pick out any vanilla. The spices mentioned may serve to alter the milk chocolate to the semi-sweet that I taste. Other than that you can’t really pick them out, or they are balanced to compliment the chocolate bitterness. Overall, there is virtually no throat hit to speak of, which I consider beneficial as it actually works to help mitigate the vape being too bitter, given it is a chocolate flavour.

Conclusion: Given the degree of difficulty of the ingredients included here this is a solid offering, especially considering the relatively short steep time. The chocolate is tasty, although personal preference would see it a little sweeter. The most important factor overall I think is that Pharoah is not a bitter mess. The vape is a smooth and tasty chocolate e-liquid. For anyone who wants a chocolate vape without having to resort to a cake/muffin/waffle/etc. baked concoction, give this a look.

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* I was provided with this juice for review purposes

Pharaoh by SZVapor




Flavour Strength



  • Flavour matches description
  • Not bitter


  • Steeping Recommended

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