Yorkville by Moshi

Yorkville by MoshiVendor Description: A wonderful mix of vanilla, almond, butter and cinnamon. It’s got a certain snickerdoodle thing going on.

Before I post another Moshi review, I feel I need to mention their bottles. I dig their bottles. They appeal to the orderly minimalist in me. They’re glass, jet black, the labelling is embossed in gold right onto the bottle, and they come with a childproof glass pipette. They just look very slick. Being glass, they’re more substantial in size and weight than your regular plastic bottles, but I think that only adds to their presence. Check out a picture after the review to see what I mean.

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 50/50

Smell: Nnnggg this smells good. The smell takes me back to baking cookies, specifically the smell from the mixing bowl just after everything has been mixed together. Of course by baking cookies I mean my Mum baking and me eating testing some of it instead of portioning it onto a tray to go in the oven. I’m not referring to the overly sweetened store bought “cookie dough” that you can buy now either, but a simple made from scratch plain cookie recipe. The initial smell is a little sweet, a little nutty and a little buttery all at once. For the sweet; not really straight white sugar and definitely not heavy sweet vanilla, the sweet note is light and bright. Very much like the initial overall impression, the best I can do is relate it to the light vanilla you might get from a simple cookie recipe whereby you add both white sugar and some vanilla essence. The nutty; again very light, and actually rather distinct. Definitely not peanut, I imagine slivers of a white fleshed nut like an almond or even a macadamia. The buttery; keeping in theme, also light. Not fatty or oily, just a pleasant brick of butter sensation. The last smell I want to mention, and which I only detect if I do a surface test (put a micro droplet onto my finger tip and smear it about a bit) vs smelling direct from the bottle, is a little spice. A little cinnamon, perhaps a little nutmeg, it’s also very light, in this case so much so it’s barely discernable. Overall, there is a lot going on smell wise, but everything seems to blend well and it’s not overly strong.

Taste: Snickerdoodle is actually very apt here. That’s the short version. During the initial draw I get that ‘prepare for a spiciness element’ sensation on my tongue. Not intense, but definitely present. Once I finish the inhale I do taste some cinnamon, but it’s not overpowering or too spicy. There’s also some sweetness present. Per the smell it’s a nice light white sweet. A little more vanilla than white sugar it works well in tandem with the spice. Underneath this is a mix of the white nutty flavour and some buttery smoothness. These two components are what I find linger as the aftertaste, along with a little of the spice. The throat hit is mild, the spice doesn’t kick it up too much and it doesn’t scratch or irritate my throat. The overall experience is very much the same in a dripper. I found I actually preferred it a little more to my review tank setup. I did get a little more vanilla out of the mix.

Conclusion: A well blended and very tasty vape. Again, despite all the cookie references, I never really get anything actually identifiable as cookie on its own, but the sum of the parts results in something that works very well to that effect. If cookies are your thing, and you’re ok with a little spice and nuttiness, Yorkville is worth trying.

* I was provided with this juice for review purposes

Moshi Bottle

Moshi Bottle


Yorkville by Moshi




Flavour Strength



  • Flavour matches description
  • No steeping required
  • Glass Bottle


  • Possible nut allergy alert
  • Filling via pipette

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