Orange Crunch by Vape Stash

Orange CrunchVendor Description: A ménage à trois of orange, hazelnut, and….popped corn? Don’t be afraid to hop in bed with these guys, it’s a sweet and savoury experience unlike any other. Scandalous!

Officially released this morning, Orange Crunch hints at the joining of some strange bedfellows. Join me as I go under the covers with the latest offering from Vape Stash.

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 25/75

Smell: A unique blend of sweet and savoury is at play here. A fresh, sweet orange note is easy to pick out. What follows is a richer sweetness that honestly makes me think of Nutella. (I realise this is probably more an association than an actual reflection of the smell, but since Nutella is really the only means by which I ever have anything containing hazelnut, what I smell here is Nutella.) The final smell that rounds everything out is a savoury, and dare I say it, buttery popcorn. It’s my first time smelling popcorn as a flavouring, and I find it remarkable how much it’s making me actually want popcorn! But, I digress… Overall, each distinguishable smell is quite pleasant and well blended. Nothing really dominates. Perhaps it’s the subconscious suggestion from the name, but if I had to imagine I was about to eat what I was smelling, I’m picturing a crunchy style chocolate bar with popcorn instead of nuts, coated in hardened orange flavoured Nutella. Or something like and Orange Kit Kat with popcorn instead of wafers.

Taste: Mmm this works well. Overall the taste ends up being more sweet than savoury. Per the smell, everything blends well with no one flavour being too dominant. The strength of the orange is on par with the smell. Sweet, not too citrusy nor sugary, it’s fresh and orange. The hazelnut still makes me think of Nutella, but absent as much chocolate. The popcorn lurks underneath everything else, and unlike the smell, I don’t really get a buttery component. More just an unsalted savouriness. There isn’t much that lingers long as an aftertaste, but what does is a slight nuttiness mixed with hints of the orange. I did find that in a dripper I got more popcorn than in my review tank setup, to the point where it was more noticeable than the hazelnut, without really impacting the presence of the orange.

Conclusion: If someone actually made this as a chocolate bar, I’d buy it and then nom it. Quite the morish combination it is both fruity and dessert-y, with a little snack-y thrown into the mix.

* I was provided with this juice for review purposes

Orange Crunch by Vape Stash




Flavour Strength



  • Flavour matches description
  • No steeping required


  • Possible nut allergy alert
  • Potential tank cracker

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