Mandarin Melody by Evaperated

mandarin_640Vendor Description: Mandarin Melody is a very refreshing and tangy vape. It is not very sweet, and slightly sour. It definitely is it’s own flavor, but if there was a prominent note to mention, it would definitely be a mandarin orange.

Strength: 6mg
PG/VG: 70/30

Smell: All citrus, but not sour pucker-your-cheeks citrus. Crisp, fresh and lightly scented. That said, it is most definitely Mandarin. If you can imagine it, it’s similar to the wonderful smell you get in the produce section when they have boxes of baby Mandarins stacked on display.

Taste: Woo! This one will wake you up! While the smell plays the nice and friendly good cop, the taste is in your face bad cop, but is by no means a bad thing. This crackles a little bit while vaping and hits you with a more sour than sweet burst of citrus. It snapped my head back a little bit and widened my eyes, and then I immediately took another vape. There’s a slight tingle in the back of my throat after each draw.

Conclusion: To me, this is like a palette cleansing citrus sorbet. I find I enjoy exhaling this through my nostrils more, it dulls the tang just enough to appreciate the flavour better. While I don’t see this being an ADV candidate, I can definitely see me reaching for it as a morning vape, or to freshen things out after something sweet and rich.

Mandarin Melody by Evaperated







  • Flavour matches description
  • No steeping required


  • Can be intense and tangy
  • Potential tank cracker

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